SHOUT, Collaborate and Listen at IBM Impact

Did you know 91% of mobile users keep their device within arm’s reach 100% of the time? In a world that revolves around mobile technologies, the time is now to capitalize on the all the benefits that mobile brings to the enterprise. Because if you don’t, your competitors will.

This week thousands are converging in Las Vegas at IBM Impact, and ClickSoftware will be there to help you transform your business and gain a competitive advantage with smart mobile technologies for your service organization. Visit us at booth 130-2 in the Solution EXPO floor for a demo.

Empower your mobile workers with business apps to power your company
Mobile apps empower the workforce and enhance the customer experience by equipping employees with the right tools and information, allowing improved decision making processes, streamlined communication and reduced cost and efforts  —  all in real-time. ClickSoftware offers a selection of more than 100 business apps through the IBM Worklight platform. Easy to install and deploy, IBM Worklight users can solve the most common mobility needs, from providing location-based services to enabling mobile appointment bookings for customers.

CEO Moshe BenBassat explains the innovative partnership between ClickSoftware and IBM Worklight

SHOUT, collaborate and listen [and vote]
Mobile is the future, but how do you keep a diverse workforce deeply connected? Our SHOUT app makes it easy for employees to network and collaborate by enabling communication within contex. We are increasing the way information flows between employees by creating a stronger workforce, while improving performance and customer satisfaction.

Shout is a finalist in the Mobile App Throwdown as part of IBM Impact. Share your support for SHOUT by voting for ClickSoftware on twitter.