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Weighing Public vs. Private Interests in the Big Data Economy: Innovations in technology continue to bring more questions about privacy

Guest Post: Richard Cohen, Special counsel in the corporate department of Kelley Drye’s New York office. This article was originally published by Metropolitan Corporate Counsel on November 30, 2015. Richard Cohen has extensive experience working with technology companies on domestic and international transactional matters, including IT…


30 Field Service Managers, Consultants, and Business Leaders Reveal the Best Way to Motivate Field Service Employees

Motivated field service employees have better job satisfaction, higher performance levels, and greater productivity, leading to increased customer satisfaction. All of this, of course, means a healthier bottom line for your organization. That’s why motivating field service employees is a…

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Social Media and the rise of customer-obsessed commerce

It’s expected that when you do any sort of online shopping, you look at reviews of whatever you’re buying. From computers to furniture and even socks, you can find a review of the product. (The thought of a review of…

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How Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) can hold their own

One of the formative work experiences in my career was working for a subcontractor. The company installed insulation and fireplaces. It was by no means a small company, but it wasn’t a huge company either (i.e, in the SMB category)….

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What Is Staff Scheduling and Planning?

Staff scheduling and planning consumes hours of managers’ and dispatchers’ time. Staff scheduling and planning does not simply entail filling out a calendar of shifts; rather, it involves maintaining proper service levels, satisfying customers, retaining quality employees, and ensuring that…

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How service businesses can leverage mobility for improved customer relationships

Guest Blogger: Diabsolut Field Service Management Mobility is now a key part of our lives. Smartphones and tablets have disrupted a lot of industries by creating new opportunities to interact with customers, and it is important for service brands to realise…