ClickConnect 2014: Hot Topics, Current Trends, And Key Takeaways

Guest Author: Sarah Nicastro, Publisher and Editor In Chief, Field Technologies

Last week in sunny San Diego, hundreds of service professionals gathered to share their experiences with field service automation and to learn from their peers at ClickConnect. Organizations of all sizes were in attendance, and ClickSoftware provided some great speakers to provide industry thought leadership. For those of you that may have missed the event, here are some of the topics and takeaways that I felt stood out most. Read more ›

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Top 50 Resources, Blogs, and Tools for Chief Operating Officers (COOs)

As second in command, COOs act as a bridge between the CEO and the rest of the company. COOs have countless responsibility, and all it takes is a simple search for a job description of a COO to see that their skills and capabilities need to be nearly endless for them to be successful in their C-level role.

While companies look to grow and remain relevant, COOs are tasked with cutting costs while renewing growth. They also need to improve inventory and profitability, increase global operations, and tap emerging markets. At the same time, they act as leaders and managers. COOs need to have access to executive information but still stay in tune with the members of the organization who work below them.

With all of these responsibilities, plus the others that are too numerous to mention here, COOs need to have a range of resources, tools, and blogs available to them that will help them to serve in their complex role. We’ve tried to make your job at least a little easier by scouring the internet for you, to find the best resources, blogs, and tools available for your role. To make the list, the resources had to be robust and current, the blogs had to be authored by experts in the business and marketing world, and the tools had to be easy to implement and a true help for managing, collaborating, and streamlining your processes. We have listed our top picks for COOs here, in no particular order.
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ClickConnect: 8 Sessions to Transform the Service Experience

A recent study found that customers have strong opinions about what they want from a service experience. They don’t want to be put on hold, they do want more frequent updates on arrival times, and the overwhelming majority won’t pay extra for VIP service or premium appointments. How do you make the customer happy while staying within operational budgets and personnel restraints? Read more ›

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Top 50 Resources, Blogs, and Tools for Chief Information Officers (CIOs)

CIOs’ job descriptions are just as diverse as the titles people use for them: Chief Information Officer, Chief Innovation Officer, and Information Technology Director, among others. No matter what you call them, CIOs have the difficult job of getting teams to collaborate with everyone on the same page. They also are responsible for a company’s technological map and direction, including proposing budgets, making purchases, supervising IT specialists and workers, and managing IT-related projects.

Hundreds of companies, enterprises, organizations, and individual CIOs offer services, tools, and blogs to ease some of the burden on CIOs. We have waded through the clutter and found the best resources, blogs, and tools for CIOs. Our top picks represent the most trustworthy information from top experts and industry leaders. We’ve included resources that are useful and offer a variety of applications, blogs with the most up-to-date information and trending topics, and tools that provide the most innovative solutions. Our top 50 selections for CIOs are listed here, in no particular order.
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Why Service Organizations Should Care About Predictive Capabilities

Authors: Gilad Brand & Katelyn Burrill

We continue with our ClickConnect preview series

In today’s customer-centric and data driven service culture, there is not a lot of margin for error. Gone are the days where business’ priorities centered around reducing operational expenses and increasing efficiencies strictly for cost-savings. Today the customer comes first, and the desire is to have the right person at the right job as quickly as possible to. This change is driven by the concern of dissatisfied customers turning to a competitor, and worse yet, sharing a negative experience over social media and scaring away existing and potential new customers. Read more ›

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5 Can’t Miss Things about ClickConnect You Might Not be Aware of

Author: Lauren Mead

  • You’ll be in REALLY good company. With over one hundred different service companies attending from all over the globe you’re sure to make some great connections, hear stories of amazing service transformations and even catch the tales of epic service fails which often make the best lessons.

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Southern Dock Products: How Field Service Optimization Can Work for Service Companies of all Shapes and Sizes

Author: Jessica Aceto, Euclides Technologies

Field Service optimization is not just an option for large enterprises with thousands of field technicians anymore. As technology shifts, field service management can be a true realization for small, medium and large companies, in varying industries that operate in varying geographical locations. Read more ›

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Field Personnel: Your Most Valuable Players

Author: Francis Dropikfield service

Field service organizations looking to enhance customer satisfaction, improve customer retention, and raise profitability in response to industry trends have made investing in field service-management optimization a top priority. They realize field-service personnel that feel the company manages their schedules effectively and provides the latest customer information—along with the ability to communicate quickly with the back office—provide a higher level of service to customers. This holds true in both the general demeanor of field resources and their ability to respond to customer requests.

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Cognizant Computing and the Future of Service

It seems that the future of the Internet of Things may be closer than we think with this month’s trending word: cognizant computing. According to a recent report by Gartner, this high-tech alliteration will soon be the next big app trend in the cloud movement. Cognizant computing is based around the consumer experience, in which data is gathered from individuals and is used to develop personal services. Having an immense impact across a range of industries, services could include things such as billing,  payments, context-specific ads and notifications. Read more ›

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How Does Your Service Organization Measure up?

Providing exceptional services involves a daily matrix of fluctuating demand, resources, budget and unknowns such as emergency situations. While all organizations face these complexities, some are better than others at providing exceptional service on time and on budget. What’s their secret? They’ve got the balance right.

charts869Where do you rank against the competition?
ClickSoftware’s interactive Service Index Dashboard allows you to benchmark your field workforce performance and make high-level comparisons of standard KPIs against actual performance from service leaders across the globe. You can also view your performance vs. the ClickSoftware client community for each KPI based on your industry, geographical coverage and the size of your field workforce.

Learn from the leaders — share some basic information about your business and receive tips, including:

  • A detailed report on your specific metrics
  • An overview of where you fall against the best-in-class
  • Actionable recommendations to close gaps

Learn More: Use the ClickSoftware Service Index Dashboard to compare your field workforce performance to best-in-class industry benchmarks

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