6 Things Capital Equipment Manufacturers Do Better Than Peers

Author: Katelyn Burrill

Manufacturers of Capital Equipment put their reputations on the line every day, since their customers pay big bucks for mission critical assets needed to keep their businesses running. But even if you make the best product, any unplanned downtime leads to customers’ loss of productivity, increasing costs, and potential danger. As a customer of a capital equipment manufacturer, making the decision about which company to invest with is much more than a product-based decision. Exceptional service is often THE differentiator, and there are a lot of parties involved in making the service program successful. It’s no wonder a recent study by Aberdeen finds 46% of capital equipment manufacturers see competition in service as a top pressure. Read more ›

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How to Become an Expert Shift Scheduler

Author: Yair Lehrer

You’ve hired the team, handled the service calls and assigned the jobs. That’s all there is to it, right? Wrong. If you work with shift scheduling, then you know there is much more to it than that. You have to account the job skills of employees, staff types (i.e. part-time, full-time, or temporary), shift types (i.e. morning or night), tools needed and so on. It can be a daunting task trying to fit all these pieces together, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Here’s how to make it easier. Read more ›

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We Want Photos of Your Extreme Field Locations!


WorkerFor those of you who work as field service professionals, we understand what goes into your work day. While out in the field, you not only deal directly with customers, but you sometimes have to work under the most extreme conditions. From the top of a cell tower, to the middle of the ocean, technicians deal with the most extreme elements of nature to get the job done. Read more ›

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Measuring Success: How Long is this Job Going to Take?

Author: Michael Pistone

This is the question my wife asks me every weekend, and my answer is always the same…”At least 1 hour.” Her response is typically not favorable when the task is mundane and should only take 10 minutes. But I am not a handy guy, and variability typically rears its ugly head during the execution of my weekly “honeydo” list. Now, I have had some extensive project management experience within my career and I’ve been successfully married for 11 years. During that time, I’ve learned to “pad” my planned durations. For my wife and me, it’s been a good thing. For your service business and optimized schedule, not so much. My focus over the next couple of weeks will be full measurement of the workforce management lifecycle and there is no better place to start than your call center.


Read more ›

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What’s New in Wearables? A Glimpse from Dreamforce

Imagine a world where you can clock in without ever having to drive to the office. Or a world where hotel staff greets you by name and your room preference? How about one where you can call for help with the push of a button? While wearables are still relatively new, it’s clear that they’ll soon have a big impact in the service industry.

Steve Timms from ClickSoftware spent some time at Dreamforce and details how the wearables movement is changing the way we think about work. By integrating wearables into the workplace, companies will be able to better manage operations, field workers will be able to work more efficiently and intuitively, and the process will create better connections with the customer base.

To learn more watch the video below


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Online Appointment Booking: A Convenience Customers Demand

Author: Dana Liberty

Meat and Potatoes for Your Customers
Customers enjoy having the ability to schedule their own appointments. Whether it is during a lunch break or in the middle of the night (for those night owls who are online at 2am), customers enjoy the convenience of making their own appointments. And just like meat and potatoes is expected at every family meal, the customer is starting to expect online appointment booking from every service organization as well. Read more ›

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Round Up: Best of Customer Service Tips

One of the most important elements in a successful business is providing great customer service. Every organization knows that, but few are actually taking the required actions to make it a reality. This week happens to be National Customer Service Week, so we’ve gone through our archives and pulled together some of best posts dedicated to the customer experience. Now go out there and put smiles on your customers’ faces! Read more ›

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14 Experts Share Top Mistakes Made in Field Service Management Software Buying Decisions

Due to its convenience, functionality and, of course, mobility, the rise of mobile and field service software applications have made a huge impact on the state of field service management today.

But while it’s true that managers and field technicians are no longer stuck with using the old pen, paper, telephone to record and communicate information, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t new management issues that come along with the newer more advanced technology-based field service solutions that are currently available.

As a company that provides field service and workforce management software to all types of field service businesses, we wanted to learn more about what kind of thought should go into the field service management software shopping process, and specifically, how business executives in the market for field service management software can avoid the most common (and avoidable) mistakes people make when buying it. To do this, we asked 14 business field management software experts to answer this question:

“What’s the single biggest mistake executives make when buying field service management software?”

We’ve collected and compiled their expert advice into this comprehensive guide to buying field service management software. See what our experts said below:
Read more ›

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Workforce Management Analytics: “In order to be good, you’ve got to be bad”

Author: Michael Pistone

First off, apologies to those who were reading my blog which tapered off last year. But after bumping into one of my favorite customer’s at ClickConnect 2014 and learning that he was reading my blog, I was immediately inspired to start writing again, which is a true testament to the professional presence that he is. Thanks Bryan. Read more ›

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ClickConnect 2014: Hot Topics, Current Trends, And Key Takeaways

Guest Author: Sarah Nicastro, Publisher and Editor In Chief, Field Technologies

Last week in sunny San Diego, hundreds of service professionals gathered to share their experiences with field service automation and to learn from their peers at ClickConnect. Organizations of all sizes were in attendance, and ClickSoftware provided some great speakers to provide industry thought leadership. For those of you that may have missed the event, here are some of the topics and takeaways that I felt stood out most. Read more ›

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