What You Need to Know NOW About the Future of the Service Industry

Eighty nine percent of consumers who experience poor service with your brand will leave you for your competition.

In the field service industry, 2014 has steadily become the year for reinventing the customer experience. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, superior service has emerged to become a critical success factor. To help you realize this success, we invite you to join us at Field Service USA where we’ll be meeting with peers to discuss everything from enhancing the customer experience to developing suitable resource planning. Read more ›

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How Do You Build a Service Culture?

Last week at the Smarter Services Symposium the topic of customer experience was front and center.  Expectations for great service are increasing, and the cost of bad customer service, especially for service-focused organizations, is rising. Last year poor service resulted in an estimated $83 billion loss because of defections and abandoned purchases.  It’s time to drop this number and increase the importance of everyday service. Read more ›

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How Will You Deliver Smarter Services?

Join ClickSoftware at the Smarter Services Symposium to talk best practices in mobility, customer service and big data

Service organizations need to meet conflicting demands—provide superior customer service while also keeping operating costs in check. In fact, The Service Council has found that increasing service revenue is a top goal for service organizations in 2014.  How can your organization keep competitive, meet consumer demand and have happy, on-time employees?customer service word cloud small

Join ClickSoftware next week at the Smarter Services Symposium in Boston where we are hosting the Field Service Track comprised of industry experts and service organizations including Vivint and Alliant Energy providing best practices on everything from using mobility to empower field employees to harnessing big data to deliver on the promise of exceptional customer service.

Learn more, join our sessions: Read more ›

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Top 25 Best Examples of Gamification in Business

Gamification is used by brands to motivate employees, create healthy competition among teams, generate buzz or social proof, and encourage customer loyalty, among other benefits. With a variety of techniques – some easy to implement, some requiring advanced planning, coding, or technical expertise – any business can use gamification to get better results, no matter what your goals.

Gamification is used by brands to motivate employees, create healthy competition among teams, generate buzz or social proof, and encourage customer loyalty, among other benefits. With a variety of techniques – some easy to implement, some requiring advanced planning, coding, or technical expertise – any business can use gamification to get better results, no matter what your goals.

These 25 examples of gamification in business run the gamut for potential uses, but brands are coming up with innovative ways to incorporate game-like features into ordinary activities every day. Listed in no particular order of importance, these 25 stellar uses of gamification are sure to spark some creativity and get your competitive gears turning for ways to put the fun back in business.
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Want to Improve Customer Experience But Don’t Know Where to Start? Take the Service Challenge

Poor customer service costs companies $41 billion annually, so what can companies do to turn that number around?
If you’re a field service organization, you know that you need to make changes to keep customers happy, but where do you start? The first step in ensuring success is to identify the main challenges. From the booking process to maintaining operations and everything in between; conducting efficient field service is not an easy task. Scheduling disasters lead to unhappy workers, poor customer service leads to less returning customers, and less generation of income diminishes your company’s value. This downwards spiral seems infinite, but with a few key modifications your organization can quickly get back on track.

We’ve created the Service Provider Challenge to help you uncover the best path to success for your organization, large or small. Navigate through common challenges service providers face, and learn how to remedy customer service, ensure operational efficiency, reduce work costs, increase control and generate productivity in a fun and rewarding way.

Take the challenge and discover how to optimize every aspect of your organization through successful workforce management.

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Field Service at a Crossroads: Mobility, Cloud And The Internet of Everything

Guest Author: Kerry Doyle

Internet expansion is moving far beyond desktops and local area networks (LANs) to remote field service assets that rely on mobility and the cloud, from heavy industry field equipment to sensitive medical devices.

lineman_graphicMany field service organizations have yet to explore the benefits of the Internet of Everything and expanded mobile connectivity. They’re either on the cusp through Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) implementations, or else they’re simply not operationally or organizationally ready.

The combination of data streams and services created by digitizing information for devices and equipment creates four basic usage models – Manage; Monetize; Operate and Extend. According to recent Gartner research, these four basic models can be applied to any of the four “internets” (people, things, information and places).

Read more ›

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Cloud Stats Every CIO Should Know

Considering the growing popularity and widespread adoption of cloud computing, there are some very interesting statistics that every CIO should keep in mind when seeking to implement cloud computing within the corporate network.
According to figures published by IBM, end-user spending on cloud services could exceed $180 billion by 2015. IBM also forecasts that the global cloud equipment market will reach $79.1 billion by 2018. Also, the data suggests that businesses in the United States will spend over $13 billion on cloud computing and managed hosting services by 2014.

Over the next five years, annual growth of 44% is anticipated in workloads for public cloud compared to 8.9% growth for on-premise computing workloads.

As many as 82% of businesses said that they have saved money after they moved to the cloud, according to technology firm NSK Inc. Over 60% of companies use cloud computing for performing operations related to IT, and 14% of businesses have cut their IT positions after they moved to the cloud.

Already over half of the US government is in the cloud, with government agencies spending around $2 billion on cloud services every year.

Within the first six months of moving to the cloud, 80% of businesses saw improvements in their operations. Over 50% of respondents in 2013 said that their company was currently transferring sensitive and confidential data to the cloud, an increase of around 10% compared to 2012.

This year will be the first when the majority of workloads are in the cloud, as 51% of them will be processed in the cloud, with the remaining 49% processed in the traditional IT space.

On average, 545 cloud services are in use by a company, with 56% of businesses trusting the ability of cloud vendors to protect confidential data, according to a survey from Silicon Angle.

At present 59% of all new cloud computing spending is coming from companies in North America, a trend that is likely to accelerate through 2016.

Ready to move your field service to the cloud, read more: Avoiding a Storm in Your Cloud Installation

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Secret to Unlocking Customer Satisfaction? Real-Time Data and Decision Making

Join us for lunch to hear success stories of real-time data and customer service excellence

connected customers and employeesWith customer experience becoming a bigger factor in consumer decision making, how can your service organization meet ever-increasing expectations? You need to build a 360-degree relationship with your customer. That means making every interaction–from an initial sales call, to a service visit, and even a support phone call–an experience where customer service shines. And the way to accomplish this is to let the data do the work.
Read more ›

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SHOUT Medals in the Collaboration Category in the Stevie Awards

It’s been a tough week of winter Olympic withdrawal  — four more years until the next set of exhilarating ski jumps and figure skating fashions. So it’s extra exciting to announce another silver medal this week, this one to ClickSoftware for enabling outstanding customer service through collaboration in the field.

The SHOUT app won a Silver Stevie® Award in the Collaboration category in the annual awards for sales & customer service.
Stevie Awards Read more ›

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What’s the Hype with Gamification?

The term ‘gamification’ may bring to mind the hungry mouth of Pac-Man, shifting gears on a Nintendo 64 race track or shooting lasers at a space invader. In fact, these ideas are not so far-fetched. For years, games such as these have used the age old practice of gamification to generate revenue and increase player satisfaction.

gamification_achievements appGamification, the process of receiving positive reinforcement and incentives to drive engagement and change behaviors, is catching on in the enterprise. The development of leveling, special items, leaderboards and trophies, have kept gamers motivated to be the best in a competitive realm, and now  business are adopting the approach to bolster employee satisfaction and customer experience.

How can you use gamification to benefit your business? In our new ebook, we outline the value of implementing gamification within your own Field Service Organization.

Motivating your team by using positive reinforcements can make change management fun, improve productivity and behavior of your field workers and most importantly, provide a better experience for your customers. But with analysts predicting that many gamification projects will face challenges in the next few years, how can you ensure your project succeeds?

  • Measure the success of your company’s goals by adding up achievements
  • Embrace those on your team who succeed and turn the fear around a new project into something enjoyable
  • Drive improved efficiency and status of your business by gratifying the people who get you there

ClickSoftware has adopted this tactic of increasing team motivation with The Achievements Center for mobile users to drive improved efficiencies in the field and deliver superior customer service.

Learn more, download: Using Achievements to Drive Change for Field Service

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