Three Ways for UK Businesses to Banish Poor Service

With a number of high profile customer service disasters in the past week the message is clear, consumers are unhappy and they are taking action. Our recent study, conducted by Harris Poll, found that over two-thirds (69%) of Brits have acted on their frustration when dealing with a company. Nearly half (46%) of UK consumers have demanded to speak to a supervisor, while more than 34% either cancelled their service or abandoned a brand due to poor service. Meanwhile, 15% of UK consumers vent online. Whether Facebook rant or tirade on Twitter, a consumer’s negative experience is detrimental to all brands. Read more ›

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10 out of 10 Service Orgs Take Notice: The Customer is Not Satisfied

In a world of hyper-connectivity we have begun to expect the same outstanding service experience from all interactions. If Zappos wows us with faster-than-expected delivery or a smooth exchange process, we raise the bar for all service experiences, from utility organizations to financial institutions. Read more ›

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Exceeding Customer Expectations for Long Term Gain

Author: Jim Delande

In these days of an unpredictable economy and seemingly endless experiences with poor customer service and fees (the airlines, for example), superior customer experience can truly make your organization stand out, retain valuable customers and contribute top line revenue to your shareholders. Yet even companies with the best intentions often find that the demands of their business take precedence, and fighting fires can easily take their eye off of the vaunted goal of improving customer satisfaction, retention and up or cross selling. Read more ›

What’s the Cost of Customer Service Frustration?

Author: Stephen Timms, President Americas

It’s no surprise to find that consumers try to avoid interacting with customer service departments at all costs. The hair-pulling frustration that often accompanies these interactions derives from wasted hours on hold, late arrivals of service reps and lack of available appointment hours.

A new study finds Americans are frustrated with virtually every aspect of the service process and they waste a lot of time waiting that could have been spent working instead. This frustration translates into lost time and money for consumers, and lost productivity for the businesses that employee them – to the tune of billions of dollars. Never considered that employees who are dealing with service issues impact your business? Think again! Read more ›

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Unraveling the Magic of Capacity Planning

When it comes to field service scheduling, the complexity of capacity planning makes looking into the future extremely difficult. Even a crystal ball cannot predict same-day disasters, such as emergencies, changes in priority and unplanned absences. These can often lead to missed appointments and idle time, causing your customers to do the vanishing act. Read more ›

ClickSoftware Receives 2014 Cable Spotlight Product of the Year Award

ClickSoftware’s solution for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) won the TMCnet Cable Spotlight Award for demonstrating exceptional innovation.

Enabling CSPs across the globe, such as Portugal Telecom, SaskTel  and Ledcor, to provide exceptional service while keeping operational costs in check, ClickSoftware is the premiere choice for industry leaders.  The solution benefits all stakeholders, including customers, operations and field teams. Read more ›

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Four Ways to Make Exceptional Customer Service a Reality

Providing exceptional customer service is a challenge facing all organizations both big and small. With customer experience predicted to be the key brand differentiator by 2020, the time to go beyond the basics is now. How do you balance providing great service with changing operational demands? Here are four tips that will ensure your business delivers superior customer experience now. Read more ›

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How to Manage Shifts Like an Expert

Author: Efrat Ravid, VP of Global Marketing

Built as a native Salesforce1 app, ShiftExpert by ClickSoftware gives real-time control to managers and employees to schedule shifts that benefit customers and employees

ShiftExpert_839x701Running a business, especially one dependent on arranging and scheduling workers on shifts, can be challenging for both managers and employees. A business needs sufficient staff with the right skills to keep operations running smoothly, but employees want to ensure their needs and availability are considered.

The market has spoken, and we listened. What we heard from businesses across a range of industries is that workforce planning is too time consuming, and often poorly executed due to constraints on time and planning resources.

To help business of all sizes plan shifts like pros, we introduce ShiftExpert by ClickSoftware, a native Salesforce1 app, giving employees, shift managers and planners  complete visibility into who works when, and deeper insight into how the schedule will impact service levels, special coverage needs and the budget. The app is integrated into Chatter, providing a seamless experience for all users through the Salesforce platform.

Read more ›

Are Customers Your Priority? Connecting at Saphila to Help You Deliver on Service Promises

Growing economies present new challenges to service organizations. As customer demand grows, so do pricing pressures, and organizations need to compete on service instead of price. Meet us at Saphila (booth 37) where we’ll be demonstrating how we can work with you locally in South Africa to deliver the right service at the right time keep your business competitive.

utility workers with tabletClickSoftware is dedicated to helping field service companies across the globe and Africa such as Tracker Connect and Telecom Namibia, deliver centralized scheduling and operations in partnership with SAP.

Learn how to :

  • Create automated, real-time schedules that respond to demand
  • Set up self-service appointment bookings
  • Integrate the tools into real-time mobility offerings
  • Use data to better forecast and plan

Read More: Learn how Iberdrola USA is partnering with ClickSoftware and SAP to more quickly respond to customer demand, and do so more efficiently.

Five Expected Benefits from the Internet of Things & the Impact on Service

A recent report conducted by the Pew Research Center detailed how the advancement in the Internet of Things is predicted to change our lives, both big and small. So what do these predictions hold for service organizations? Here is what the experts are saying. Read more ›

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